CSS Woes

So I started designing a layout for this website I’m building… Now that I’m a certified Master of Science and am expected to be knowledgeable about computer stuff, I decided to make it conform to browser interoperability standards and use CSS without tables. The client uses IE exclusively and a Mac (I usually go “whatever…” when some I read some Mac geek’s “My OS is better than yours” spiel). I, on the other hand, am enamored by the beauty of tabbed browsing and thus use FireFox a.k.a. Firebird a.k.a Phoenix. I finally manage to make my CSS design HTML 4.0 valid and CSS valid but in the name of all that’s holy, I can’t figure out how to right-align images inside a DIV! Amazingly enough, IE displays the CSS layers as I want it, while Firefox plays havoc with them. I still haven’t got to the content part of the website and from what I hear about CSS’s ability to vertically align its layers, things are bound to get tougher. The temptation to throw my hands up and resort to tables is overpowering.