Liberal bias

The only channel I watch these days is Comedy Central and Cartoon network. And the only shows I ever watch are The Daily Show and the sunday lineup of Adult Swim. On the TDS today, Jon Stewart was as usual being his sarcastic self. Commenting on the forcible recall of retired soldiers to the war, Jon pointed out ot the fact that musicians were being called for service, especially an euphonics player. Digging into the mystery behind the need for musicians, he found this fascinating piece of conversation between General Franks Somebody and one of the sub-committee senators:

Subcommittee Senator: What is the need for the euphonics player to be called back into service?
Gen. Franks: The euphonics player is required for the burial services of our soldiers.

Needless to say, the usually boisterous audience went completely silent. You can tell that things are going bad in a war, when you have to conscript extra euphonic players for burial services.

Another show that has kept me LMAO is Crossballs – a fake debate show. Today’s topic of marijuana decriminalization brought some lady who thought President Bush was a role model for children who hadn’t taken drugs. The fake pro-pot debater shot back,”Yeah, but he has snorted coke. Respond to that!”

A TV channel can choose to be partisan, but when the facts speak for themselves, it’s difficult to call the station biased.