Send this to 10 more people and the monkey in your closet won’t bite you

I probably don’t blog as much as others, but one of the main reasons I started was because I was curious to see how memes and personal communication methods worked. I wouldn’t call myself an early adopter of the Internet in India, but I certainly was fortunate enough to have a dial-up (blech) when not many others had it in the neighborhood.

Good times were had, chatting on the internet with babes on Yahoo! and IRC. I got quite a few long-term e-pals that way. I also became an early A/S/L impostor, when my Dumb-C teammate and I pretended to be a 16-year old girl and played havoc with the emotions of a young Romeo. And all this from our slow-as-heck college computer…

But I digress. Here’s a link to a websurvey, inviting bloggers to participate. It’s not your average chain-mail hoax, it’s from MI-freakin-T.
Take the MIT Weblog Survey