When the Man comes around

He wore black. He had white hair. And he had a square face. Except for the glasses and his height, he looked a lot like Johnny Cash. He was going to drive me to the airport.

It was a sunny day; as sunny as it gets in October in Calgary. Being the only two people on the bus, we found common ground on the time-tested subject of Weather. Johnny Cash told me of the drought six years ago, when all the grass was burnt to a crisp. He spoke of the melting ice-caps and the extreme phenomena all around the world.

“It says in the Bible that Man will destroy himself.”, he said. “Yes, but we can’t just give up”, I said. He softened. “That’s true, we just have to live it one day at a time, and that’s what we do.”, he said. I agreed, and I arrived at my gate.

While I was there, it snowed. After a while, the sun shone. It could be the next ice-age in a few decades, or global warming could melt the ice-caps into oblivion; but looking at the lake, it felt good to live today.