A coincidence

So I was doing my usual blog-hopping today, when I came across celebrity journalism via something Anti had posted on Hathirpithi’s blog. The thought of George Costanza being married to Britney Spears is funny enough, but I came across something else that was interesting – the Bianco ad campaign.

The reason I found this interesting was that I’m a regular reader of SomethingAwful. I’m no wonderful specimen of human perfection, but it always gave me a sense of schadenfreude to look at faces that are uglier than mine. That’s where I saw the same face, only this time it was posted on HotorNot.

Someone must’ve deliberately done this, but still goes to show the Internets are a small world, after all.


Thanks to Anti‘s ‘View Source’, I now have a favicon : . Thus unbridled narcissism abounds.
If anyone has a good idea for an icon for their blog but needs someone to execute it, let me know. I’m interested in doing micro/mini projects on the GIMP.

Get off my lawn, you young whippersnappers!

Another birthday passed by. The ones who remembered, remembered out of habit. This year, I wanted it this way.

I got news from my friend who moved to Canada. The youth there were just as drunk and rowdy as those in any US college town. I wonder how the weekend booze-bingeing, foul-mouthed youth of America will turn out. I sometimes feel I should’ve done things like that when I was in college. And that’s when I begin to feel old.

Anti did a round-up of racism against desis, and teenagers figured prominently in the demographic (at least Canadian teenagers seem to be non-prejudiced for now…). Living in a Christian state has its advantages — people are much more tolerant, if you can get past their church talk. I’ve had strange glances once in a while, but an explicit instance of prejudice hasn’t happened to me yet.

But take a quick mental survey — how many desis you know have voiced opinions generalizing all african-americans as people with lesser morals? In the racist ladder, we happen to be in the middle rung, and crying foul will not change anything.