Musical Nirvana

Roger Waters with 3 songs from DSoTM and a huge flying pig balloon, Smashing Pumpkins playing ‘Today’ the heaviest I’ve heard, and Bon Jovi belting out his usual hits — all on one stage on the same day, nothing gets closer to musical nirvana than this. Dave Matthews and John Mayer are really good live — no wonder they have a huge female following

How do you sneak 11 people into a nearly-empty 100-dollar section with just 2 tickets? Here’s how to do it: One person takes both authentic tickets and exits through gate A. He hands over one ticket to the waiting person outside and re-enters with the other ticket through gate B. Wait 5 minutes. Rinse, repeat. Within an hour, you’re three levels down from the nosebleed section into the good seats, where the women are supermodelly and you can almost make out Billy Corgan’s bald dome.

Did Live Earth fail to raise awareness as most critics alleged? Probably so. Most of us were there for the music. The seven-point pledge seemed to be hippyish even for a die-hard bleeding heart as me. But things definitely need to change, and we all gotta start somewhere.