*** you, you ******ing ****ers.

Via Metafilter:C4 swears by four-letter advert. Here’s the ad. NSFW, if you have your speakers on.

What makes a swear word, well, a swear word? Why did derogatory references to genitalia and bodily functions attain their swear-status? When did female dogs begin to refer to women who refuse to have sex with you? I’ve winced when teenage girls in India said “Oh shit”, imitating their favorite Hindi actress. I’ve been winced at when I said ‘damn’ in regular conversation here in Kansas. ‘Hell’ and ‘damn’ are considered cuss words in my god-fearing state. Considering their non-aligned status with respect to the G-man, can atheists curse? Does the pope shit in the woods?

So, what is your favorite swear-word ?