The Word Market – Part I

Neil finally had the Answer. After weeks of running through simulations and trying out algorithms, the numbers were adding up. If he played this right, he could be a billionaire in weeks.

Neil decided it was time to let someone else into the secret. He geevoed Hideki. Hideki answered from his San Francisco loft, dressed in rust-streaked and paint-splotched overalls as usual. “I found the algo, Dekky!”, he announced. “You sure it’s flawless this time? Don’t want you losing your shirt again”, Hideki said. “No Dekky, this time it’s accurate within a 3% confidence level, which is pretty damn good. I even increased the sample size this time around, and 987 of the thousand stock picks responded as expected over a period of 10 days. The sigmas were on the dot!”, he replied breathlessly.

“Stop it, I don’t want you to geek out anymore on me. I sure will be the first person surprised if the collective wisdom of the internet brought home anything more than a pointless meme and porn that manages to break rule 34 every day. ”

“This is more than that, Dekky. I’ve found out a way to weed out the false positives from twitter and facebook feeds from actual news now! It’s looking golden, bro! Why is your cam all shaky?”

“There’s that rumble again… third tremor this week – gotta go check on the cats. Well, let me know when your first million rolls in, and fly me to New York to open a cold one”, Hideki said and signed off.

Neil was finally ready to hit paydirt.


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